Automation and Control Panel

Product Description

Automation panels are typically PLC or PAC based with several distributed inputs/outputs (I/Os) and operator interface (HMI). Depending on the system design and architecture (e.g. location of I/Os, field devices, etc), multiple control panels with different dimensions can be used.

Many automation systems can be classified into the following categories:

* process automation system
* batch control system
* machine control system
* power and energy management

Due to a wide range of system functionalities, automation and control systems need to be designed and sized properly (e.g. number of operator stations, type of license of operator stations, number of I/Os, type of I/Os – digital, analog, temperature, etc). Our team will work with you to understand your system requirements and functionalities to determine the system architecture and bill of materials needed.

Product Details

Advantages :

  • Easy to operate
  • Consume less power
  • Require less maintenance

Specifications :

  • Rated Power : Under 5W
  • Rated Voltage : DC24V
  • Voltage Range : 12~28VDC

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