Capacitor Panel

Product Description

Most electric loads are reactive. Capacitor helps improve your power factor (PF), as required by PLN, by compensating the lagging PF caused by inductive loads, such as motors. Capacitor panels maintain the power factor of the system automatically by switching the capacitor banks as required by the system.

A good capacitor panel is designed to manage sufficient air circulation and cooling in order to mitigate the heat dissipation from the capacitor banks. When designing the capacitor panel, we take into account the space in the panel and the capacitor dimension to ensure the capacitor banks run within the range of their operating temperature. As a part of an electrical power system, capacitor panels are often isolated from other electrical panels.

Product Details

Advantages :

  • Sturdy construction
  • Highly durable
  • Regular performance

Specifications :

  • Nominal Parameter : AC 198 to 242V,50/60Hz,32W
  • Dimension : 108*220*30mm/122*223*55mm (length*width*height)
  • Operation environment : 0-55 °C, under 85%RH (non condensing)
  • Storage environment : -40 to 70°C, under 90%RH

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