Generator Control and Synchronization Panel

Product Description

A lot of our customers have multiple power generation sources (e.g. diesel generator, gas engine, etc). To distribute electric power to their loads, we build generator control panel (GCP) with remote and local start/stop and shutdown capabilities. Depending on the amount of load, multiple diesel generators or gas engines can be used for load sharing in which case multiple GCPs are installed and a synchronization feature is added.

A generator synchronizing panel can also combine single/multiple generators to the main power system by matching the speed (frequency) and voltage, and setting the rotor angle close to the main power system phase angle prior to connecting the generators to the main power system. Our experienced team can help you design and build generator control and synchronizing panels with custom features according to your load and supply characteristics.

Product Details

 Advantages :

  • Efficient
  • Requires little power
  • The material is sturdy

Specifications :

  • Rated Current: 1 KV
  • Rated Voltage: 380/400 V

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