Medium Voltage Switchgear

Product Description

Serion Dwiguna Binangun produces various types of electrical panels from small to medium. Being one of the leading products, Serion manufactures medium type of voltage panel. Unlike the low voltage panels, the Medium Voltage panel is panels that have a range of kilo Volts but not hundreds. This panel is usually sourced from an industrial power plant, can be turbine or engine, and can also be electricity from PLN which previously had met with transformer at substation. So the voltage value of 150kV is already 20kV.

Material on medium voltage panel using flame retardant type and low smoke emmision. Thickness of 2.5 mm for structure, and 2 mm for the side panels and doors. Specially designed medium voltage panels are also designed to minimize short-circuit risks to ensure personal and operational safety in all operating conditions as well as during inspection, maintenance, installation, spare panel monitoring, where panel conditions are still operating.

As per our functions and needs PT. Serion produces the full range of production machines you need and we will continue to innovate.

Product Details


  • Rugged construction
  • Consumes less power
  • Easy installation


  • Rated operational voltage : 690V/AC
  • Rated insulation voltage : 1000V/AC
  • Rated frequency : 50/60hz

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